Polyphasic Sleep Day One

Potential headline: Student pulls all-nighter, writes about it.

So, that “Day One” milestone has passed. For reference, I “started” with the 1130 nap, although this is ultimately due to stuffing up the initial plan of starting at midnight. Doesn’t make much difference in the end, I guess.

As you can probably guess, the day started off fairly normal, as I wasn’t really able to fall asleep quickly enough to loose consciousness during the naps. I’m only really confident that I slept during the 0330 nap.

What might be notable, though, is that after the 0330 I watched that Liam Neelson film, “Unknown”. The identity of the film isn’t really relevant other than to know that it’s an action flick and you kind of have to turn your brain off a bit to enjoy it, but what is relevant is that during the film, I didn’t feel tired. As well as this, the fatigue returned to me at the conclusion of the film, though not quite to immediate post-nap levels. Based on this, and the fact that I’m typing this up at midday on Day 2 and yet don’t feel as bad as some of the times during the night, lead me to consider the following to possibilities:

  1. That the brain can be “distracted” somewhat from fatigue through visual and aural stimulation (though I wouldn’t say it prevents or wards it off), and
  2. That the fatigue at this stage of sleep deprivation may be more to do with the fact that your body is not used to not following it’s cycles, as opposed to being actually tired.

Of course, I’m no scientist, so the above comments should be taken as lies. All of them. But either way, I wonder if I may be able to at least use the first “conclusion” to help ignore the fatigue to some extent, which might help when things get really bad.

In other news, SO COLD.



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