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Why I Love Australia: Pre-Sales Customer Service

I figure I might occasionally do something like this every now and then, just in order to vent at large groups of people in an indiscriminate manner.

So. I’m likely getting a camera fairly soon, various reasons, and after ahmning and ahring a bit I’ve more or less settled on the FujiFilm HS20. Or HS20 EXR, for all those who are anal about names and so on. Continue reading

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Polyphasic Sleep: Final Thoughts of Attempt One

It’s now been a few days – just short of a week, mayhaps – since I stopped my attempt at polyphasic sleep. I’m back at University now (on campus), and I feel that to attempt to adapt to the schedule now would just be stupid, as I doubt I can afford to essentially miss a week of classes. So, without any further ado, I think a little list of things gleaned from this attempt is somewhat in order. In unintentional teacher-preacher second-person format. Sorry. Continue reading


On synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming isn’t a sport. Continue reading

Sounds – Eve 6, The Society Islands

Eve 6, where have you been all my life?Eve 6 - Horrorscope

I stumbled upon their “Horrorscope” album about, oh, two days ago and WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. I mean, this is, what, eleven years old? I mean, I’m not going to say that it sounds brand-new, but I’d argue it doesn’t sound it’s age. That said, I still don’t mind The Stroke’s This Is It, so go figure. Continue reading

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On breaking in Debian, a few zombie movies

One replaced DVD drive, eight DVDs of which I only needed one of, several hours spent installing and re-installing, and several more spent purging Unity from my muscle memory later, and Debian seems to be working well.

It’s… different from Ubuntu, I’ll give it that, although that’s the entire point of the switch. I don’t think they had to make it so damn ugly out-of-the-box, though. Seriously, it’s hideous.

Of course, as anyone who uses Debian will know, it’s not like there aren’t teething problems. Learning to going to the backports for stuff, or compiling from source. Chasing down bugs that weren’t there in Ubuntu. GettingĀ  the computer and yourself back to a point of harmony, where each party understands the other enough so that computing becomes effortless. And so on. Continue reading

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