Polyphasic Attempt One Point One: Day Zero

And so it begins. Again.

Considering that I don’t think I ever managed the 30-hour mark in the previous attempt, I’m not going to change the schedule for the naps. Once agian, they arte at 0330, 0730, 1130, 1530, 1930, and 2330. I’ve got my alarm system working a tad more robustly now, as I felt that was one of the non-me issues previously.

The other thing that might be of note is that one of the members of a forum I post this on (you know who you are*) advised that I focus on “programming” myself, to jump out of bed the second that alarm goes off. And it makes sense, because I don’t really want to be dependent on an alarm clock for the rest of my life – temporal programming¬† will be of aid in this.

*Unless you don’t, in which case you’re probably an assassin if Hollywood is anything to go by.

Anyway. Hopefully we’ll get into the actually substantial stuff this time.



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