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Breaking coffee mugs, bad coffee mugs

You know what doesn’t make sense? The University of Melbourne merchandise. Specifically, the coffee mugs.

Or coffee mug. Singular. I think there’s only one style in the range. Continue reading

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Sounds: Andy Hunter, Kaiser Chiefs, Quintron

Okay, okay, Andy Hunter technically adds a degree symbol to the end of “Hunter”. Stop being pedantic, I can’t be bothered dragging out the character map.

So… Yes. Music. Andy Hunter. I’m a fan of the racing game “Forza 2”, although being at University and hence not having it on hand. And I think that I may have damaged the disk last time I had it running at home. Well, not me. The dog knocked over the XBox. I love you, Lucy, but do me a favor and look out for cables that I for some reason expect you to avoid despite not knowing the purpose of and that I have no decent way of communicating said purposes to you. Continue reading

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