Sounds: Andy Hunter, Kaiser Chiefs, Quintron

Okay, okay, Andy Hunter technically adds a degree symbol to the end of “Hunter”. Stop being pedantic, I can’t be bothered dragging out the character map.

So… Yes. Music. Andy Hunter. I’m a fan of the racing game “Forza 2”, although being at University and hence not having it on hand. And I think that I may have damaged the disk last time I had it running at home. Well, not me. The dog knocked over the XBox. I love you, Lucy, but do me a favor and look out for cables that I for some reason expect you to avoid despite not knowing the purpose of and that I have no decent way of communicating said purposes to you.

One of the things about the Forza series, at least for me and purely based of number two because I can’t remember number one, is that the music is pretty much top-notch. And it sticks with you. This, despite that it only plays said music during the menus. Apparently people concentrate when they drive racing cars. Who knew?

Let me put it this way – I discovered LCD Soundsystem through Forza 2. I mean, before playing it, you could have asked me who or what Daft Punk are, and I probably would have shrugged my shoulders and suggested a somewhat mad variation of a musical genre. Which isn’t too far from the truth, I guess, but still. Shuddup.

Anyway, Andy Hunter is one of the artists who has one of his works in the great patchwork tapestry that is Forza 2’s soundscape. The track in question is “Come On”, from his EP “Life”. If you care for such details. I mean, it’s actually not bad. Lot of high-energy stuff, electronica. Dancy? Maybe. I can’t really tell. I haven’t tried dancing to it.

Look, just go have a listen to it on or something. You’ll work out what I mean.

The only thing bad about Hunter is that he’s a creationist. Now, I’m fine with people believing what they wish to, but not when you then go and get involved with a film that just bashes evolution, claiming that ID has been persecuted. I mean… seriously? You want to see persecution, try going into the Bible Belt and screaming that you don’t believe in Christianity. You’ll probably get stoned. Not in the good way, either.

I mean, think what you want, but just don’t be stupid about it. At the very least, don’t be stupid to other people, and make other people stupid.

Another artist/track of similar stead (Forza, not creationism) is Quintron. “Witch in the Club”. Actually named Robert Rolston. Preforms in New Orleans, alongside his wife, Panacea Pussycat (possibly real name). The difference between Hunter and these two, though, is that apparently New Orleans sends people batshit insane.

I mean, some people who know me may be aware that I don’t mind artists that might be a tad different (Stephen Malkmus,The Fiery Furnaces), which can be pretty strange in their lyrics, but Q goes beyond this. For example, verbatim from one of their choruses (chori?): “I’ve got fangs, look out ladies! This might have the rhythm of rabies!”

And that one was sung by Ms. P. Her vocals also feature garden populated by squirrels, with a disguised eel hiding amongst them.

Meanwhile, her husband warbles about shoplifting fifty-dollar socks.

Go figure.

Tre! I’ve had the Kaiser Chief’s most recent album (“The Future Is Medieval”) for a while now, and I’m somewhat disappointed to say that I’m not disappointed that I didn’t really to it immediately. Because it is, quite frankly, disappointing. The album, that is.

A bit of background – the KC recorded twenty (or more, I guess, if some didn’t make the final cut) tracks for this, but with a bit of a catch – The user went to their web page, chose ten of these tracks, and essentially built their own album. The final “cut” of your personal copy of the album was up to you. You still had to pay for it, of course, and there was a few other things, but that’s the general gist.

Of course, an official, normal album was released a while later. With thirteen tracks.

Problem is, because when you’re assembling that album, at the end of the day, you’re chucking together a bunch of singles because a band can’t exactly build a cohesive package of music when it all comes down to the consumer at the end.

And, in my opinion, the final album suffers because of it. Because, despite it having that stamp of “not user-defined!” on its side, it still sounds like a collection of singles. Maybe I’m just tired, maybe I’m just stupid, maybe both. But it doesn’t seem to have any sort of common link through it. No thematic fiber, no bit of rope that bands it all together. Heck, mix it in with the rest of your library and you can barely tell it’s all on the same canvas.

Nah… They can’t have stuffed up that bad. I’m just stupid.

That said, I do think “Man On Mars” isn’t too bad. Even if the bridge seems to come in waaaaaaay too early.

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