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Random Shenannigans, Iteration One

Just because it’s been a while, and I can’t really start the whole photo thing yet due to UFRaw blah blah nobody wants to hear me winge so let’s get this thing rolling already.

  • Frozen Synapse. Sound familiar? No? Well, I don’t care. The next Humble Indie Bundle is on, and though it’s not really much of a bundle being only one game, it’s quite the pay what you want thing. So if you don’t know if you’ll enjoy Frozen Synapse, buy it anyway. For a dollar or something. Add money later when you realise you’ve fallen in love.
  • Don’t buy it for a dollar. That would be cheap and dumb. The great collective would beat you to death with hamsters. Continue reading

Sounds: Placebo

I’ve been listening to Placebo recently, starting with their self-titled and now Without You I’m Nothing, their second. I’ll talk about the second, as it’s newer, and in my opinion, better. And as my opinion is, in my opinion, better than yours, it’s also your opinion.

MY LOGIC SHAPES WORLDS fine. I’ll talk about the first album as well.

Anyone who is familiar with the music I listen to will probably have guessed that Placebo is one of those alt-ey rock bands. Don’t you look at me like that. Yes, I wear glasses, but they actually have lenses in them. I like to wear suits as well. You can’t be a hipster and a suit-wearer at the same time. The world explodes when that happens. Are you standing upon an exploded world? No. Therefore, I am not a hipster. Continue reading

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Angus and Beef

I recently caught a train. You should have seen it. You would of been so proud. I used public transport as it was designed to be used.

There was also two busses and two trams. Wait. Three trams. I left one because it was crowded, waited, and boarded the next one, but it wasn’t much of an improvement. Continue reading


Rage: Packaging

I’m somewhat annoyed. Only somewhat, however. Not terribly. This is not a discussion about something that grievances me greatly.

Perhaps “annoyed” is the wrong term for it. Perhaps “insulted” is slightly better. I feel somewhat insulted, I guess, would also be better than “I’m somewhat insulted”.

I recently ordered a camera from FujiFilm, via their store-front on Amazon, specifically the American branch of Amazon. It was cheaper to do it that way. At the same time as the camera, I decided to purchase the recommended Transcend flash memory card. Continue reading

Not dead, just sleeping

Sorry about the lack of words, text and stuff lately. More soon. Very soon.


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