Rage: Packaging

I’m somewhat annoyed. Only somewhat, however. Not terribly. This is not a discussion about something that grievances me greatly.

Perhaps “annoyed” is the wrong term for it. Perhaps “insulted” is slightly better. I feel somewhat insulted, I guess, would also be better than “I’m somewhat insulted”.

I recently ordered a camera from FujiFilm, via their store-front on Amazon, specifically the American branch of Amazon. It was cheaper to do it that way. At the same time as the camera, I decided to purchase the recommended Transcend flash memory card.

The camera is fine. I’ll talk about that later. This is not a discussion about a camera.

The flash memory card arrived in packaging, as things typically do. I’ll be honest here, that the packaging did not quite meet my expectations. Not in an overall bad way. Well, one of the ways was bad.

An odd thing that Transcend have decided to do is place the following logo on this particular form of packaging:

I assume this is meant to reassure the reciever that they should not worry. While the packaging may look confusing, it shall not frustrate the receiver. It was not designed by Swedes. It is frustration free. You can take the gun out of your mouth. It’s been independently tested, so you know it’s safe to use.

Here’s another view of the logo, placed elsewhere:

Have you figured it out yet? Do you know why I’m annoyed, insulted, or more generally, pissed off? Are you screaming with rage at your monitor?

I bet you have/are.

It’s an envelope. It’s a fucking envelope.

Whatthefuck, Transcend. Your customers do not need to be reassured that they are capable of opening an envelope. We are not retarded. We know we have opposeable thumbs. In the event where we do not have opposable thumbs, we will be frustrated by your packaging. But for the majority, we will not be, and we know we will not be.

Here’s an idea. Take the money you put into this certification. That’s it, cease the certifications, and consider the money you are now not spending. Go out there and give it to homeless people. Go to your local hospital and make a donation. Pay for that guy’s treatment to break his breathmint addiction.

Just please don’t use it to tell me that I’m an idiot.


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