Sounds: Placebo

I’ve been listening to Placebo recently, starting with their self-titled and now Without You I’m Nothing, their second. I’ll talk about the second, as it’s newer, and in my opinion, better. And as my opinion is, in my opinion, better than yours, it’s also your opinion.

MY LOGIC SHAPES WORLDS fine. I’ll talk about the first album as well.

Anyone who is familiar with the music I listen to will probably have guessed that Placebo is one of those alt-ey rock bands. Don’t you look at me like that. Yes, I wear glasses, but they actually have lenses in them. I like to wear suits as well. You can’t be a hipster and a suit-wearer at the same time. The world explodes when that happens. Are you standing upon an exploded world? No. Therefore, I am not a hipster.

As far as music goes, Placebo are fairly edgy, at least for myself. I mean, I was raised on The Beatles. I mean, I didn’t listen to much music, but when we drove somewhere, occasionally a copied Beatles tape would oscillate it’s way through the car’s speakers. That, or a Monty Python recording. Later, Gold FM, or some pop station. Or maybe they also shared air-time with the Beatles.

I can’t remember, okay? You want a metric, fine. Placebo. More edgy than pop. They tend to sing about sex, drugs, that whole thing. It’s the usual alt-rock deal. Think of Arctic Monkeys, but a bit less angry. A bit more emo, I guess, considering that there’s a lot of songs about failure and broken relationships and self pity and that music video they did for 36 Degrees seemed to be fairly “look at me I’m dying and I’m less than everyone else”.

Fuck, it’s an emo band. An emo band where the now-multi-millionaire (probably) lead singer whines about being “an introvert, happily bleeding” and women dressed in leather and marijuana.

Drugged emo hipsters singing about fetish sex and being killed by their partner’s lover and other partners without homicidal lovers that just aren’t quite into the relationship as they are, something about trust, and an aimless man who needs someone perfect.

Still, they are fairly competent.

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