Random Shenannigans, Iteration One

Just because it’s been a while, and I can’t really start the whole photo thing yet due to UFRaw blah blah nobody wants to hear me winge so let’s get this thing rolling already.

  • Frozen Synapse. Sound familiar? No? Well, I don’t care. The next Humble Indie Bundle is on, and though it’s not really much of a bundle being only one game, it’s quite the pay what you want thing. So if you don’t know if you’ll enjoy Frozen Synapse, buy it anyway. For a dollar or something. Add money later when you realise you’ve fallen in love.
    • Don’t buy it for a dollar. That would be cheap and dumb. The great collective would beat you to death with hamsters.
    • The sale is running for a little under two weeks. Some money as defined by you will go to chairty. Do it for the kids, folks.
    • I should probably talk about Frozen Synapse.
      • It is good. How do I know this? I haven’t done any work today. TAKE THAT, PRODUCTIVITY.
      • Top-down turn-based squad shooter. Look at videos on YouTube. I cannot explain, and do not wish to, as time is limited moving on moving on
      • Very active multi-player scene. Probably because anything in HIB tends to suddenly turn to gold. And $x price tag.
    • Summary: Frozen Synapse, Humble Indie Bundle, $x, two weeks. Go buy it.
  • I’ve moved from Debian to Slackware, using Xmonad. Or xmonad. Or whatever the hell it is spelt as. OH MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC
    • Translated to English: I’m a broke nerd who is now more happy.
      • Really, really happy.
  • I’m suddenly getting views on this thing. Like, twenty-four on Tuesday. This despite almost zero content.
    • Over the past seven days, there were 28 searches related to Breaking Bad that ended up here.
      • Googling “breaking bad world’s best lawyer saul goodman mug” puts that coffee mug rant of mine at number nine.
        • In summary, a short-lived burst of readers has me convinced that Google loves me and would make a excellent replacement father.
          • I love you, Dad, but you just don’t hum in the same way a two billion dollar data centre does. And by that, I mean with electromagnetic radiation.
            • Something you learnt today: My father does not produce large amounts of electromagnetic radiation. Hence, he is safe to be around.
              • By safe, I mean he won’t burn your retinas, or cause brain tumours.
  • According to Wikipedia, they make condoms aimed at teenagers.
    • What the fuck kind of world is this?
    • Don’t ask why I was reading the condom page on Wikipedia.
  • I haven’t been listening to anything new really, more “re-appreciating” stuff I’ve had in my library for a fair while.
    • Angles, of the musical genius that is The Strokes, is still fairly good.
    • Arctic Monkeys’ new one is still fairly decent.
    • The Aquabats (don’t give me that look) have made me realise that society sucks. Because their music is good, the message behind their lyrics is good, but the lyrics themselves and the band’s style of presentation would, at the very least, attract the same kind of stares and social hate that a mob of grown, obese men dressed in spandex Superman outfits running down the main street of a small country town would.
    • Kaiser Chiefs still sucks.
      • Except Man On Mars.
        • The bridge is still too early.
  • Boris, I’ll get onto that thing soonish. Hopefully. I can’t promise that it’ll be super-positive, because I honestly don’t like it quite as much as some of the earlier work, but yeah words and stuff.
    • You’re all confused now.
      • Except Boris, of course. Unless he doesn’t read this, in which case… Well, he’s still probably not confused. YEAH.
  • Things I need to do, in no particular order, because you need this information to survive:
    • The Boris Thing
    • Code:
      • The cmus – last.fm scrobbler program that has been on my corkboard for six months.
      • Fix up the alarm clock.
      • W(h)atson [name/concept in progress], although now that Sherlock is working again there’s not as much argument for this beyond that Sherlock currently does not have any competition and I personally feel that this is a bad thing and power users and stuff.
      • All this relies on me getting Python 3 running on Slackware, which I haven’t done yet because lazy.
    • Need to write:
      • Resume
      • Short story for student club competition
      • Notes that would make it look like I’ve actually done work
      • Notes relating to work that would mean that I’ve actually done work
      • Physics thing thing thing myeah fuck electromagnetism I mean seriously
      • Resume
    • Play through the Generation 1 Pokemon games.
      • More possible now, due to purchase of a GameBoy Colo(u)r and the games.
        • Event Pokemon boo.
  • I may be in a relationship, but I’m not really sure. It’s difficult to define these things.
  • I’m changing the blog theme again. I dislike the brown and how the links aren’t very contrasty. Also, the blog subtitle doesn’t display well on my Firefox.
  • I’ve ditched coffee for cheap black tea.
    • I’m not sure why. That said, I’m sleeping a bit better now. Not that it was bad before.
      • Might be more compatible with Uberman, in which case win in the long run.
    • If you’re curious, one teaspoon of sugar, no milk. Bag inserted after sugar has dissolved, which itself is placed in the cup before the water.
    • The tea here is not strong enough. I want to go back to Istanbul, steal their secret tea stuff, and bring it all back here.
      • Ideal country that I haven’t really thought about much but still: Turkish tea, mountains everywhere. And fast internet. And free ski-lifts. And no law preventing importing of animals, because it’s somewhere in Europe. And tame polar bears that understand English. And wolves as pets.
  • The collective. Beating you to death. With hamsters.

Even though I’m going to not publish this immediatley for better facebuck coverage for the people I know, I’m tired, so mblaaaargh sleep.


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