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A Rambling on Tea

I have found that caffeinated drinks, such as tea, stain clothing like jealous lovers. There seems to be very little reward to the dangers they bring. And hence I wonder why I drink tea at the quantity I do.

First there is the core substance itself. I refer, of course, to the boiling water. As many of my friends or acquaintances can attest to, I have burnt myself many a time while preparing, drinking, or holding tea. The burns are not bad, of course, although my yelps, led on by a low pain tolerance, would suggest otherwise. Such damage due to the heat of the liquid tends to be to my ego rather than my more mortal tissues, although a dulled tongue I am no stranger to. Continue reading

Just slow down, please: Sounds and Other News

Safety EP Cover

Look at all the people, going after money

Far too many people, going after money

I’m listening to Coldplay’s “Safety EP”, which is apparently the first thing they did, and only 500 copies of which were made SO INDIE SO VERY INDIE. If I pop the glass out of my spectacles, someone grab a silver stake or something.

Nah, it’s very good. It’s only ~15 mins, although that’s sort of expected because it’s an EP, you dolt. Your expectations, represent them with your hand. Yeah, see how it’s way up there? Lower it. Further. I said it’s very good, but they aren’t deities. Well, they weren’t at the time. They all appear to have facial hair now, which I respect. Continue reading

The temperature is too damn high!

Seriously, Sun, move away. Alternately, Australia, become floaty and float southwards. Don’t worry about Tasmania, it’s merely a speedbump in the plans. Continue reading

“Electroswing” – WHOA.

There’s this thing called reddit, right. And they post links, right.

Well, one of them was this, and you need to go watch it right now. Right this very second.

This is called Electroswing.

I love you, house sub-genres.

A Train of Thought

So titled because it is being written on a train.

Today, roughly thirty men will stand on a cricket pitch. They will kick an oddly shaped ball between themselves in a competitive manner. This isn’t a rare occurence, but apparently this time it’s a big enough deal for bands to be called in, celebrations to be had, excess amounts of alcohol to be consumed and book-keepers to exploit probability and marketing to make rather large sums of money. This happens every year.

They paraded the men yesterday, you know? Put them in utes and drove them through Melbourne. I wasn’t there myself, but from the year that I did see it, I think it’s fair to make the assumption that they are still using utes. To use sedans would kind of defeat the purpose of the parade, I think. Still, they were displayed to hoards of adoring fans, waving and smiling or whatever. Some were asked questions by journalists, probably the captains and coaches, taking about what they believe will happen but not really and instead merely mildly complimenting the opposing team in a politically correct way. You can’t slander your opposition when you’ve got a microphone in your face, but you can’t give away your entire game plan either. And to play yourself up would just make yourself look like a jerk. Continue reading

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