Just slow down, please: Sounds and Other News

Safety EP Cover

Look at all the people, going after money

Far too many people, going after money

I’m listening to Coldplay’s “Safety EP”, which is apparently the first thing they did, and only 500 copies of which were made SO INDIE SO VERY INDIE. If I pop the glass out of my spectacles, someone grab a silver stake or something.

Nah, it’s very good. It’s only ~15 mins, although that’s sort of expected because it’s an EP, you dolt. Your expectations, represent them with your hand. Yeah, see how it’s way up there? Lower it. Further. I said it’s very good, but they aren’t deities. Well, they weren’t at the time. They all appear to have facial hair now, which I respect.

Essentially, facial hair implies deity. What? It worked for Jesus. Oh, come on, we all know it’s true. He was also eight feet tall and the love child of Jackie Chan and Carl Sagan. IT’S RIGHT BECAUSE I WROTE IT.

It’s good. I like it. They have skill. Or had it at the time. I’m not sure if they are still good. Something something Viva la Vida was overplayed I don’t think they are sell-outs, no. Of course not. It’s good enough for me to put on repeat, okay?

If it gets bad, I’ve got the rest of Placebo lined up as a stop-gap. Or Homestuck. Homestuck always works.

Other news:

  • Exams are coming up for myself. You know what this means – less content. As I currently do very little on this blog, that will mean that I will be producing anti-content. You will visit this blog, and have posts sucked out of you, which will annihilate the anti-posts and cause a burst of energy. This energy will be bottled by my computer and used as an alarm clock to drag my lazy ass out of bed.
  • After exams, I shall be heading back home. Assuming that I don’t gain employment, I intend to go strait into another attempt at the Uberman. Brace yourselves, irritability approaches.
  • I have stopped drinking coffee and have begun drinking cheap black tea. I may have mentioned this before. I’m too lazy to go and check, however. So blah. Now you know.
    • English tea is not strong or tasteh enough. I want to be in Turkey.
      • Or go back in time and take Turkish tea to England. IT WILL BLOW THEIR EIGHTH CENTURY MINDS, AND I SHALL RULE OVER ALL.
  • Over the last seven days, eleven searches were made for “james denholm wordpress polyphasic sleep” and landed here somehow. I really don’t understand this. The Saul Goodman cup searches also continue. Seriously, internet, what the fuck are you doing?

OUTRO GUITAR CHORD, fade to harmonise with vocalist, go to null, pause… Random studio noise of unknown origin?


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