Another reason I love Open Software.

If you know X11 well, you may be aware that the clipboard is a little (a lot) funky. Various things are implemented weirdly, there doesn’t seem to be a community consensus on things, and it’s at  least a little confusing to the beginning user. Especially when a program uses one system, and you’d really like it to use another.

If you know the concept of Open Software well, you may be aware that often you can pop the bonnet of your software and have a bit of a tinker. Not just tune, of course, but change how things are handled. If you really want, drastically alter your program so that things are completely different. Or not.

I honestly feel like, while Linux/Linux distros/open software that I use does/do(/also do) have it’s flaws and it’s learning walls and it’s nerdster tags, the choice I am being provided here, that the keys to my own computer that are quite firmly in my hands and not those of the people who made the thing, is a very good thing.

Exams are here and also that means almost over, so I’ll be making a second stab at polyphasic sleep soonish. Maybe a week and a half’s time.


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