Just Dead, Not Sleeping

Yeah, stuff, right. This thing.

It appears that, in my absence, WordPress has gone mad. It’s now very difficult to get to the “complex” (read: decent) post writing screen thing. There’s three or four “NEW POST!” buttons on every page, but they all bring up this weird little sub-standard editor. None of this is relevant, given that I never post here, but complain I feel I must.

But on with new things related to myself.

  • Moving from Physics to Computer Science. I don’t think I mentioned that here. Still Science, so it’s merely a change of majors (and hence not a major change! Ah ha ha. Ha), but aught still be more interesting and pertain to myself more and other things such.
  • Somehow my twitter account was compromised for a month or so. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice this, beyond the obvious of not using twitter all that much. Why do I even have these things.
  • Arch Linux is going well. Which is nice.
  • I’m following the development of that new thing Notch is doing, “0x10c”. Might do a regularish newscast on it if the community and development is rabid/rapid enough.
    • Disregard the immediatley above if you know me in real-life, internet shenanigans will only harm your opinion of myself.
  • I’m not reading enough. Blattargh.
  • Parov Stelar is cool.

There’s not much else going on at the moment. Programming and so on is still happening, though not much. Very dull life at the moment.

God damn the Ballerine Peninsula is a sleepy, isolated place.


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