Blog Reboot 2: The Rebootening.

A long, long time ago,

When dirt was where flowers now grow,

I used to write blog stuff here. Then, roughly a year ago, I posted a short thing saying that I should/would blog more, and then never blogged again.

While my life isn’t too interesting, there’s no reason to not blog anyway, so I might (will) start doing so again. Because I can. And now I have a slightly more interesting life than I had twelve months ago.

And because I like the name of this blog. And hence I want to keep it active for the day I become famous, and people say “Oh, where’s your blog?” and I say “BLAAAAAAARRGHHH *spittle*” and they say “Oh okay oh wow it’s kind of a pretentious nam- Wait it’s been active for forever so that’s actually really creative. Have sex with me!” and then I’ll be famous because I’ll have a decent name on my blog.


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