Scribe’s Annual Report

It’s time for that update. But first:


Dear future possible employers: The above is satire, I’m actually a really nice person. But onwards, let’s get this update done.

  • It turns out that moving from Physics to Computer Science was a very good move, because CompSci is actually very, very interesting. And I think I might just actually be good at it, which is a bonus.
  • On a somewhat related note, still doing the Linux thing. Fun fact: I can no longer properly navigate Windows! Mainly because I’ve developed a complete reliance on terminals.
  • Have now returned to one of the University’s colleges (though late, because We Had A Failure To Communicate). Very much preferable to travelling five hours a day, let me tell you.
  • Various entirely separate things, such as The What CD and (very recently – like, yesterday) becoming the Treasurer of a USMU club, all continue and are going well.

I suppose that’s a reasonable 20-second overview. I don’t really want to go in further, because that relies on me actually thinking about the past and that’s hard, you know, for someone with a memory as shoddy as mine, and I want to really just focus on events and/or thoughts as-they-happen. Or something. Will exposit per-post as needed.

So, yeah.

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