This is a flash game that you should play.

It’s very short, perhaps less than five minutes long. And you should, really really should, just give it those five minutes.

Not because it’s particularly good, in terms of being a game. It’s not really a good game.

Not because it looks spectacular. The graphics are pretty much the definition of simple.

But just because it might change your perspective of people a bit.

It’ll only take five minutes of your time.

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One thought on “This is a flash game that you should play.

  1. Christina says:

    At first I thought I was supposed to be collecting the black squares and I became exponentially frustrated until I finally caught one! But… You can’t collect them, so I was racing between these fucking squares that wouldn’t let me touch them. Annoyed, I looked up to see what the title was and saw ‘loneliness’ and then it was so, so sad.

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