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Scribe’s Annual Report

It’s time for that update. But first:


Dear future possible employers: The above is satire, I’m actually a really nice person. But onwards, let’s get this update done. Continue reading

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Blog Reboot 2: The Rebootening.

A long, long time ago,

When dirt was where flowers now grow,

I used to write blog stuff here. Then, roughly a year ago, I posted a short thing saying that I should/would blog more, and then never blogged again.

While my life isn’t too interesting, there’s no reason to not blog anyway, so I might (will) start doing so again. Because I can. And now I have a slightly more interesting life than I had twelve months ago.

And because I like the name of this blog. And hence I want to keep it active for the day I become famous, and people say “Oh, where’s your blog?” and I say “BLAAAAAAARRGHHH *spittle*” and they say “Oh okay oh wow it’s kind of a pretentious nam- Wait it’s been active for forever so that’s actually really creative. Have sex with me!” and then I’ll be famous because I’ll have a decent name on my blog.

Just Dead, Not Sleeping

Yeah, stuff, right. This thing.

It appears that, in my absence, WordPress has gone mad. It’s now very difficult to get to the “complex” (read: decent) post writing screen thing. There’s three or four “NEW POST!” buttons on every page, but they all bring up this weird little sub-standard editor. None of this is relevant, given that I never post here, but complain I feel I must.

But on with new things related to myself. Continue reading

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