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A long post on polyphasic sleep – The Fullerman

I’m doing that polyphasic thing again. Though I probably won’t be blogging it on a day-by-day basis this time.

But, of course, you want more details, because this is a blog, not Twitter, and you’re a stalker, not a normal person. See, normal people don’t read this, because they are too busy fighting of mountain lions while curing cancer and filling tax returns. But yes, details. Continue reading

Polyphasic Sleep: Final Thoughts of Attempt One

It’s now been a few days – just short of a week, mayhaps – since I stopped my attempt at polyphasic sleep. I’m back at University now (on campus), and I feel that to attempt to adapt to the schedule now would just be stupid, as I doubt I can afford to essentially miss a week of classes. So, without any further ado, I think a little list of things gleaned from this attempt is somewhat in order. In unintentional teacher-preacher second-person format. Sorry. Continue reading


Polyphasic sleep: On immediate-community support, perhaps some advice

I’m not giving up. I feel that’s important to mention, at least to say. Write. Type, even.

It kind of gives this a note of “Don’t worry about me! It’s all good, just a minor hitch!” Some kind of possibility of continuing, preventing (or at least delaying) the killing blow. Or denying the undeniable, that first stage of grief.

Have I failed? In some regards, yes. I mean, it’s been what, eleven days, during that time I’ve not truly made however-many hours on this. But I think I’ve learnt something, at least one essential thing, which has been at the core of my issues. Continue reading


Polyphasic Attempt One Point One, Day One: Of chicken and planned absences

Once again, the first day draws to a close, and as before there’s nothing of particular note or interest that would be unusual if someone decided to skip sleep for a day. Obviously I’m experiencing some level of fatigue, but it’s not too bad, nor exactly unexpected.

The one thing that could possibly be of note, though I’m not sure exactly how related it is to this, was that I was awoken half-way through my 1930 nap by the smell of marinated chicken.I guess that’s a good indicator that I haven’t got far in this yet. I’m not sure why, but I found the smell repulsive – at the very least, it was very difficult to breathe when doing so would bring the sent to my nostrils. Continue reading


Polyphasic Attempt One Point One: Day Zero

And so it begins. Again.

Considering that I don’t think I ever managed the 30-hour mark in the previous attempt, I’m not going to change the schedule for the naps. Once agian, they arte at 0330, 0730, 1130, 1530, 1930, and 2330. I’ve got my alarm system working a tad more robustly now, as I felt that was one of the non-me issues previously. Continue reading

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