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Another Swinghouse Post

You know what’s cool? Those swing band from the fifties. They were cool. You know, the style of music you’d imagine yourself hearing while wandering through a post-apocalyptic Nevada Desert, some broad singin’ at you over the radio to go get a job in order to fund her expensive lifestyle. Which was okay, because she was your broad, and you were wearing a suit, and because you were wearing a suit you could easily make all the money you and your wife needed. Of course, this didn’t turn out to be the way things went, because one of the following occurred: Continue reading

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Sounds: Placebo

I’ve been listening to Placebo recently, starting with their self-titled and now Without You I’m Nothing, their second. I’ll talk about the second, as it’s newer, and in my opinion, better. And as my opinion is, in my opinion, better than yours, it’s also your opinion.

MY LOGIC SHAPES WORLDS fine. I’ll talk about the first album as well.

Anyone who is familiar with the music I listen to will probably have guessed that Placebo is one of those alt-ey rock bands. Don’t you look at me like that. Yes, I wear glasses, but they actually have lenses in them. I like to wear suits as well. You can’t be a hipster and a suit-wearer at the same time. The world explodes when that happens. Are you standing upon an exploded world? No. Therefore, I am not a hipster. Continue reading

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Sounds: Andy Hunter, Kaiser Chiefs, Quintron

Okay, okay, Andy Hunter technically adds a degree symbol to the end of “Hunter”. Stop being pedantic, I can’t be bothered dragging out the character map.

So… Yes. Music. Andy Hunter. I’m a fan of the racing game “Forza 2”, although being at University and hence not having it on hand. And I think that I may have damaged the disk last time I had it running at home. Well, not me. The dog knocked over the XBox. I love you, Lucy, but do me a favor and look out for cables that I for some reason expect you to avoid despite not knowing the purpose of and that I have no decent way of communicating said purposes to you. Continue reading

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Sounds – Eve 6, The Society Islands

Eve 6, where have you been all my life?Eve 6 - Horrorscope

I stumbled upon their “Horrorscope” album about, oh, two days ago and WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. I mean, this is, what, eleven years old? I mean, I’m not going to say that it sounds brand-new, but I’d argue it doesn’t sound it’s age. That said, I still don’t mind The Stroke’s This Is It, so go figure. Continue reading

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