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Future Plans, Game Dev, and Future Plans of Game Dev

First of all, go listen to this. It’s only five minutes, you’ve got five minutes. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be browsing Facebook, would you? EXACTLY. Besides, it’s a Saturday.

That is one goddamn sexy bit of music.


Shame I can’t dance, but eh.
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Temporary Breaks

So, I haven’t been posting anything recently. This is because of exams. Expect stuff from the start of July.

(He said to his zero-person readership.)

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Random Shenannigans, Iteration Two

I haven’t posted here for a while! Time for a brain dump.

  • Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks! An artist (music). I like them. They recently released another album which I was going to monologue about, but because I lost my train of thought halfway through (due to something like 48 hours passing between two characters) it got dull. It’s good, but not as good as Real Emotional Trash. My brother doesn’t like Stephen Malkmus. Ha! What a silly person. I mean, SM isn’t high AT ALL when he’s writing the lyrics to his songs. No! He’s just in the possession of incredible talent. INCREDIBLE TALENT. Continue reading

Another reason I love Open Software.

If you know X11 well, you may be aware that the clipboard is a little (a lot) funky. Various things are implemented weirdly, there doesn’t seem to be a community consensus on things, and it’s at  least a little confusing to the beginning user. Especially when a program uses one system, and you’d really like it to use another.

If you know the concept of Open Software well, you may be aware that often you can pop the bonnet of your software and have a bit of a tinker. Not just tune, of course, but change how things are handled. If you really want, drastically alter your program so that things are completely different. Or not.

I honestly feel like, while Linux/Linux distros/open software that I use does/do(/also do) have it’s flaws and it’s learning walls and it’s nerdster tags, the choice I am being provided here, that the keys to my own computer that are quite firmly in my hands and not those of the people who made the thing, is a very good thing.

Exams are here and also that means almost over, so I’ll be making a second stab at polyphasic sleep soonish. Maybe a week and a half’s time.


A Rambling on Tea

I have found that caffeinated drinks, such as tea, stain clothing like jealous lovers. There seems to be very little reward to the dangers they bring. And hence I wonder why I drink tea at the quantity I do.

First there is the core substance itself. I refer, of course, to the boiling water. As many of my friends or acquaintances can attest to, I have burnt myself many a time while preparing, drinking, or holding tea. The burns are not bad, of course, although my yelps, led on by a low pain tolerance, would suggest otherwise. Such damage due to the heat of the liquid tends to be to my ego rather than my more mortal tissues, although a dulled tongue I am no stranger to. Continue reading

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