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Just slow down, please: Sounds and Other News

Safety EP Cover

Look at all the people, going after money

Far too many people, going after money

I’m listening to Coldplay’s “Safety EP”, which is apparently the first thing they did, and only 500 copies of which were made SO INDIE SO VERY INDIE. If I pop the glass out of my spectacles, someone grab a silver stake or something.

Nah, it’s very good. It’s only ~15 mins, although that’s sort of expected because it’s an EP, you dolt. Your expectations, represent them with your hand. Yeah, see how it’s way up there? Lower it. Further. I said it’s very good, but they aren’t deities. Well, they weren’t at the time. They all appear to have facial hair now, which I respect. Continue reading

Why I Love Australia: Pre-Sales Customer Service

I figure I might occasionally do something like this every now and then, just in order to vent at large groups of people in an indiscriminate manner.

So. I’m likely getting a camera fairly soon, various reasons, and after ahmning and ahring a bit I’ve more or less settled on the FujiFilm HS20. Or HS20 EXR, for all those who are anal about names and so on. Continue reading

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